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Southeast Texas Specialty Coffee Brand 425 Costa Rican Medium Roast 5LB
Southeast Texas Specialty Craft Coffee Costa Rican Medium Roast 5LB
Southeast Texas Craft Coffee Roasters Costa Rican Medium 5LB

Costa Rican Medium Roast - Los Santos Diez Pueblos - Texas Style Craft Coffee - 5LB

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We offer our Costa Rican Los Santos Diez Pueblos in a medium roast that is packaged in five pound (5LB) packages.  This coffee is known for its sweet and balanced, creamy body, bright acidity, and notes of milk chocolate, citrus and caramel.

In 2019, Tarrazu received a Denomination of Origin (DOE) certification, a legal distinction that, like Champagne in France, can only be applied to coffees from the area.  For decades, a swath of these mountains - all benefiting from the same cool, humid climates, rich volcanic soil, narrow valleys and lofty altitudes - were considered Tarrazu. The legal determination, however, is a decidedly smaller portion of the area.

Our new Los Santos Diez Pueblos, previously named Tarrazu Don Roberto, has been renamed to reflect that change and to celebrate exactly where this coffee is from - which is exactly the same land and same thousands of smallholder producers that it has always come from. 

The Zona Los Santos, or Valley of the Saints, is home to numerous small towns.  In these town, like so much of Costa Rica, life evolves around the church, the soccer field, and the town cafe.  It is estimated that approximately 7000 families in Los Santos typically produce about half a million bags of coffee each year.

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