About Us

Southeast Texas Craft Coffee Brand 425 Coffee & Tea


We are a Texas strong, small family owned and operated business, located in the piney woods of Kountze, Texas. Brand 425 Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster that is committed to taking the "bite" out of your morning routine. Our philosophy is simple, we start with the freshest specialty grade coffee beans, hand roast every batch to perfection, and visually inspect the final product to remove any noticeable imperfections to ensure the highest quality coffee possible.

Small batch hand roasting allows us to ensure that every aspect of our roast is carefully controlled and not determined by computer software that simply cannot smell or visually determine how and when a quality roast has been achieved.  

We take our roasting and commitment to quality very seriously.  We hand pick any noticeable or visually imperfect beans out of each roast to help ensure that consistent quality is maintained.  We take the extra time because we want our customers to enjoy everything that our artisan roasts can offer and work hard to bring a product to market that is clean, consistent, and above all, affordable and smooth.

You can rest assured that each cup of Brand 425 Coffee that you enjoy, is a product of quality and attention that can only be achieved by a small batch artisan roaster.

Artisan Specialty Coffee Roaster Brand 425 Coffee

409-444-1212 KOUNTZE TX 77625