Flat Rate Shipping is available on all online retail orders that are over $30.00

Wholesale COD Checkout

 Thank you for placing a Wholesale COD (Cash on Delivery) Order


COD terms checkout guidelines.


  1. Wholesale COD orders have a minimum total of $80.00.
  2. Wholesale COD orders that are less than $80.00 will not be processed.
  3. Payment at the time of delivery is required on all Wholesale COD orders.
  4. All orders will be roasted in the order that they are received with the largest orders taking priority.
  5. Please allow a minimum of 72 business hours (3 Business days - Monday  through Friday) for us to process, roast, and deliver your order.
  6. Scheduled deliveries will take place Monday through Friday and only once per a week per location. 


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