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Southeast Texas Coffee Brand 425 Guatemalan Dark Roast 1LB
Texas Craft Coffee Brand 425 Coffee Guatemalan Dark Roast Kountze Texas
Texas Wholesale Coffee Brand 425 Texas Craft Specialty Coffee

Dark Roast - Guatemalan Santa Rosa Especial - Texas Style Craft Coffee

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We offer our Guatemalan Santa Rosa Especial as a dark roast in one pound (1LB) sealed packages.  This offering is from the South Central growing region of Guatemala. The Santa Rosa region is known for its high altitude volcanic soils that create well balanced flavor profiles that are sweet and easy to drink. Bourbon and Caturra varietals are grown at altitudes that exceed 1300 meters, washed, and then patio dried to create an incredibly clean and consistently smooth cup with the defining chocolate undertones that Guatemalan coffees are known for.  Our signature, low and slow, dark roast profile allows us to develop it into an incredibly sweet, low-acid, offering that has a medium to light body and consistently delivers deep roasted chocolate undertones.

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