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Paire Du Beaumont Texas Coffee - Southeast Texas Specialty Craft Coffee - 5LBS
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Paire du Beaumont Texas Coffee Back Label Roasted Texas Style Craft Coffee Blend

Paire du Beaumont Coffee - Dark Roast - Southeast Texas Specialty Coffee 5LBS

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Our Paire du Beaumont coffee started as a simple request of creating a unique two-bean blend for some friends at a local non-profit organization in Beaumont Texas. The development process took several months of roasting and sampling until we reached the final blend combination.  Unfortunately, the non-profit organization was dissolved before the final product was released.  

The final product is an elegant, dark roasted blend that uses specialty coffees from two distinct growing regions.  We combined washed Guatemalan coffees that are well known for their smooth milk chocolate notes with some spicy Gilling Basah processed varietals from Aceh, Indonesia. This unique blend is dark roasted with our signature “low and slow” profile to create an incredibly rich and flavorful coffee that is heavy on chocolate with hints of caramel and spice.  The incredibly smooth and creamy body of this offering is sure to deliver a smile and get your morning started right.

 Warning: This coffee is so smooth it will disappear before your very eyes. 

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