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About Us

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We are a Texas strong, small family owned and operated business, located in the Piney Woods of Kountze, Texas. Brand 425 Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster that is committed to taking the "bite" out of your morning routine.  We specialize in roasting craft coffee “Texas Style”.


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Texas Style Craft Coffee

What is it, you ask?  It’s what we call our signature roasting method and it develops the truly unique and intensely rich flavor profiles that Brand 425 Coffee is known for.  We prefer our coffee roasted low and slow.  That’s right y’all...  We roast our coffee just like good old Texas BBQ.  There is simply no substitute for the bold flavors that are created when you slow the roast down.  You simply can’t rush a good thing. Our signature Texas style allows us to fully convert green coffee starches into sugar and lightly caramelize them to deliver lower acidity levels and remove undesirable grassy notes. We don’t do trendy light roasts. We roast it dark, keep it simple, and brew it strong. 


Small Batch Texas Coffee Roasters - Commercial & Wholesale Coffee

Size Matters

Everything is bigger in Texas right?  We take this kinda talk serious and offer generous 16oz bags of specialty coffee at the same or lower price as the 12oz bags of our closest competitors.


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Quality Matters

We take our commitment to quality very seriously and we work hard to deliver specialty coffee at prices that you can afford.  You can rest assured that every cup of Brand 425 Coffee that you enjoy is the result of our signature roasting techniques that develop a depth of flavor and character that is second to none.


Texas Style Craft Coffee Southeast Texas Wholesale Coffee Roaster Brand 425 Coffee

Results Driven Performance 

Don't let our rough edges and laid back style fool you,  We are serious about producing incredible coffee and consistently deliver results that will keep you coming back for more.  After only a few cups, you’ll understand why people say “Don’t mess with Texas BBQ, or our coffee either.”


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