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Dark Texas Twist - Texas Craft Coffee - Southeast Texas Small Batch Specialty Coffee
Southeast Texas Craft Coffee - Dark Texas Twist - Wholesale Coffee & Espresso - Brand 425 Coffee
Dark Texas Twist Southeast Texas Specialty Coffee Brand 425 Back Label Whoelsale Coffee
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Dark Texas Twist - Dark Roast - Texas Style Craft Coffee - Southeast Texas Small Batch Specialty Coffee

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We offer our hand roasted Dark Texas Twist craft coffee in one pound (1LB) sealed packages.  

The Dark Texas Twist is an Artisan crafted coffee that starts as a blend of Specialty grade Arabica coffees that include varietals such as Typica, Bourbon, and Arusha that are grown at elevations no lower than 1300 meters. We combine them with carefully selected Ethiopian heirloom coffees and gently roast them to create a wonderful well rounded dark roast that has a medium body, is incredibly smooth, and finishes with a lingering herbal sweetness.  

The Dark Texas Twist started as an experiment to see how different sized coffee beans reacted when roasted together.    We took some our largest beans, mixed in some of our smallest, and tossed in a generous portion of Giling Basah processed coffees for a little flair and fired up the roaster.  The aroma that started filling the roasting room at the end of first crack was incredible.  I thought to myself  "what would happen if I pushed through to the middle of second crack?"  WOW...... that is all I could say as the aromas kept getting deeper, richer, and smoother. This experimental roast has now become our signature blend.  The aroma will certainly get your attention but it is the rich smooth flavor that will keep you coming back for more.  Y'all enjoy.....

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